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7 Pod Brain Strain Chili Pepper
7 Pod Brain Strain Chili Pepper is a delicious pepper. Extremely hot and flavorful. As it grows it is a lighter shade of green that turns a deep red. Has been measured on the scoville scale at 1,853,396 SHU.

 7 Pod Brain Strain Chili Pepper has a high concentration of capsicum oil. This chili pepper is believed to be closely rated to the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili pepper. The flavour is smoky with a touch sweet that turns instantly to a heat which will leave your brain straining to make sense of the fire inside your mouth.

 Use sparingly, this chili has nuclear heat. 7 Pod Brain Strain has more placental tissue than other chili's of the Trinidad Scorpion 7 Pod family.
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 1/2 oz= 14 Grams. 1 oz= 28 Grams. 1.5 oz= 42 Grams
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