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Dry peppers are more than just a seasoning ingredient. In fact, using dry peppers is a way of living for many people. Historically, the Aztecs and Mayas used dry chiles with nearly everything. Similarly, most indigenous peoples from the Americans, Africa, and Southeast Asia adopted using dry peppers as a cultural pattern. The demand, uses, and varieties of dry peppers are always increasing.

Dry peppers are not just a substitute of the fresh ones, in fact, many people prefer using dry peppers over fresh for several reason. For one, the storage life of the dry is very long. But thatís not why dry chilies are so popular, the actual reason is that you can almost use dry peppers the same way you use fresh. Moreover, unlike fresh, the dry peppers do not lose, heat, taste, flavor, smell as over time or when cooked. In contrast, those elements which form the characteristics and profile for every variety do actually standout when dry peppers are cooked and processed. In other words, a Dry pepper is like a dry seed, looks dead but with some water it is back to life growing green and setting fruits. The dry chiles are the same way, while they look lifeless, the taste is slowly, consistently, and evenly released adding well balanced flavor to the whole meal.

Such attributes resulted in recipes strictly asking for dry peppers and not fresh (i.e. pure, mole, dips, thick sauces, and pastes). While most people associate dry chilies with seasoning, the use goes beyond that, some hot sauce makers use dry pod in their operation, it is simple, just add water and use then as if they were fresh. Some even describe the final product as more flavorful, aromatic, and more mouthwatering. I can see why, because fresh chilies have this noticeable level of bitterness and higher levels of water which canít be found in dry chilies.

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World's Hottest Chili Pepper

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